20180217_115512 20180217_115404 20180217_115323 20180217_115239 20180217_115150 20180217_115130 20180217_115106 20180217_115029 20180217_114930 20180217_114851I guess I’m not the most prolific blogger on the planet…

Still here, still being realistic about energy.  But so much has changed; from the whole climate change denying, fossil fuel adoring, environment destroying power structure in the US (and plenty of other places in the world) to my personal life and work.

But one thing hasn’t changed, or maybe they’ve just slowly gotten worse; those utility poles gracing our streets.  Just look at the photos and marvel at the abstract beauty of these things.  Don’t they just speak to the pride in workmanship, the quality control of the utility and cable companies, the fine regard of town management to the attractiveness of the neigborhood?  Not to mention how resilient these installations are to weather events, damage from vehicles and falling tree branches.

Have we gotten used to how these things look?  Don’t we see them anymore?


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