Quick update

After more than two years it is time to come out of hibernation.
The topics are still relevant but much of what is here sounds almost quaint when looking at the problems facing us now.
The number of publications, in all media, on the dual subjects of Environmental Degradation and Environmental Recovery, has increased massively – in synch with the growth of the real world problem.

We know what’s wrong and we know how to fix it.

Problem is; when do we actually get around to doing “it” – and will we do enough?

So this site will become a museum piece of information – some still very valid, some totally outdated.
Please excuse broken links. They are partly my problem (I will try and fix) and they are partly because other sites have disappeared or dropped their information (which is a separate problem in this electronic age – nothing is forgotten, but it’s hellishly hard to find)

I will add articles relevant to residential work as they catch my eye.

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