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The budget

Here are couple of pictures visualizing the US budget.  It is detail from a project at

The top chart is the total budget, with the energy sector shown by arrow, the bottom chart shows that little slice in more detail – the arrowed section deals with renewable energy projects.

Not a lot of the total goes to energy - it's the very small light blue sliver above

...and from that small sliver this is how much goes to renewables - (there seems to be a problem with the chart and 2 sectors are labeled "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" - it's still a minor portion of the total)

OK – so it’s not the full story – other tax dollars, from states, or surcharges on utility bills, also go to feeding renewable energy and conservation efforts.  There are also research projects in defense, agriculture, education etc. – some of which may have some benefit on energy efficiency and renewable energy.  But in the larger picture its a very small sliver of everything.

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