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The realist “celebrated” a significant birthday a few days ago – and, no, it wasn’t the 21st, despite the realist’s deceptively youthful looks.

So the realization slowly creeps in that the realist may not have to bear the burden of widespread fame (or notoriety) after all.

Then the ITC Newsletter comes through the e-mail – containing all sorts of interesting stuff for infra-red buffs – including the not so surprising fact that solar panels on the roof keep that roof cooler in summer, and good things about attic ventilation.

But there, half way down, is a brain teaser.  And the picture shows the realist’s very own kitchen windows!  Fame at last…

That picture actually does tell a lot.  First; it’s cold out, that background sky is at -20 degrees Celsius.  Second, the realist better do something about air sealing and insulating the rim joist, instead of just telling other people to do it.  And then the soffits over the three kitchen windows leak heat. That whole flat roof above the kitchen could do with some serious air sealing and insulation upgrades.

What’s the puzzle?  Well; why are the top and bottom halves of the three kitchen windows at widely different temperatures?  The next window over (dining room/study) has similar temperatures top and bottom.  It took a little while to figure it out and I won’t give it away here.  If you know the answer respond to the newsletter and win the absolutely fabulous prize.

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