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Still here

It might not seem like it but I’m still here.

I’ve just returned from Germany and Australia and will add some updates from both those locations.  In the part of Bavaria I usually visit the number of solar installations has doubled in the 2 years since I was there last.  The effect is visible everywhere, it’s almost like you can’t look along any street or landscape without seeing a solar panel somewhere.  And that is in a country with insolation below that of New Jersey.

In Australia my friend’s straw bale house is complete and very comfortable (except for the rat that decided to die somewhere in the roof).  They have no heating unit at all – all passive solar!

In New Jersey it’s almost like I have never been away.  Negotiating the software maze of the NJ Clean Energy Program has not become any easier.  But we take care of all that and the customer never sees (or at least should not see) the work required.  The NJ program remains one of the best in the US.  We just need to get the message out to the users.

I thought nobody looked at this blog, but then I got a very pleasant e-mail from which, roughly translated, said;  what are you doing using our graphic without permission, but we’ll let you off this time providing you put in a link to us.  Which I am hereby doing…

Updates soonish…

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