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What jetlag?

What am I doing?

1. Reading 7 years’ worth of xkcd cartoons. #1007 seems sort of appropriate:

I wonder if, when every word becomes “sustainable”, we will actually have a sustainable energy situation. One can hope.

2. Going on a trip to the other side of world – with a short (4 minute) video – go see it!

Some duty, lots of fun. More energy related items to report on – later.

Solar Energy!!

Solar "oven". Triple insulated glass box with a stainless steel door to the kitchen. Put pie in oven, wait, serve...

Dry composting toilet - before installation. 6 wedge shaped containers in the circular box. Rotate the wedges under the toilet seat every 4 months. After 2 years the 1st container comes back to the start. Remove the dry composted material. No water used!

At Kings Creek, Northern Territory, Australia

Dinner at Kings Creek station.  The man on the left is Ian Conway, owner of the station – an activist on aboriginal affairs, a mover for tourism and breeder of camels.  On the right is Dick Smith, probably one of Australia’s most recognized entrepreneurs.  He is active in politics and has outspoken positions on unending growth, including matters of energy.   In December 2011, Smith was appointed as a Consulting Professor in the Department of Biology, School of Humanities and Sciences of Stanford University California by Dean, Richard P.Saller. This was made in recognition of his many years of work in relation to environmental issues including his 2011 book, Dick Smith’s Population Crisis.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

This crazy hotel in Singapore has swimming pool in that curved ship-shaped part 57 floors up.  “They” claim it is an energy efficient and environmentally responsible building.  But even if it isn’t – it is sort of cool.

3. Some minimal amount of gardening.

There has to be an energy connection. My job is to cut back on the lush growth this time of year; stop the house being lost, like Sleeping Beauty’s castle like, behind a wall of roses. All that bio-fuel…

4. Working

Solving New Jersey’s energy problem one house at a time.

5. Learning stuff

My new mobile phone has so much power and so much capability I need to a postgrad course to keep up. And by the time I’ve finished it will be obsolete. And I really need to understand VB in Excel, and what about the meaning of William Blake’s poems, and…

6. Waiting for a response from Statoil

Oh well, I guess they’re busy.  I’m sure they’ll write soon…

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