See you later Rick

My dear friend Warwick Rowell passed away earlier this month.

He will be missed by many.

He and his family are some of the very few who actually live what they believe; energy conservation, respect for the earth, friendship, consideration of what sort of world we leave to our grand-children.  When I last talked to him, in his straw bale house, he expressed annoyance that he would not be around to see what happens during the next 20, vitally important, years.  Despite all the deliberate inaction, distortion and plain greed by our “leaders” he was optimistic.

I have drawn on his experience here in the Australian view, and Rick’s material is at his own web site. (Update May 2018: The material was unavailable for some time but is now being restored by the Permaculture Association of Western Australia as part of their website – here)

Duns 24 april 2013 (8)

Rick – it was a privilege….

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