Pictures from energy audits

Here are a few of the not so good things we come across in an energy audit (next post will be good things) 😉

Indoors gutter

Indoors gutter – a novel way of solving a leak around the chimney flashing; just put the gutter inside the attic

Disconnected duct

Disconnected duct; nicely heating the crawl space, while the bedroom stays cold.

Gas leak

– Gas leak – surprising how often we find gas leaks – some have been there for years and the owner knows about them.  Rule of thumb – if you can smell ANY gas it’s a leak that needs to be looked at

Asbestos pipe insulation

Asbestos pipe insulation – common around older steam heat pipes.  It’s not a big problem unless split like here.  You don’t want the asbestos fibers able to float free if the insulation is disturbed

End view of asbestos pipe insulation

End view of asbestos pipe insulation – if the pipe is knocked fibers can escape.  It’s called “friable”

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