Energy-plus House


An “energy-plus” exhibition house in Mirow (Germany): A solar collector array on the southerly roof generates electricity and warmth. According to the builders this house, designed for 5 occupants, generates approx. 17,000kWh solar electricity and from 10,000 to 20,000kWh of solar thermal heat per year. The house’s own needs lie at 10,000kWh. The surplus capacity of 7000kWh feeds into the public grid and the owner is paid for the production.

According to the architects the energy-plus house costs about 15,000 Euro more than an equivalent standard building.

(Details of this entry from Süddeutsche Zeitung Aug 10 ’09)

(Admin comment: A lot of the attractiveness of energy-plus houses relies on the government incentives available in much of Europe, and to a lesser extent in the US.  In Germany it makes sense for the owner to reduce electricity usage to a minimum during the day and sell the surplus at fixed and favorable rates to the grid, and then, if needed, buy it back again at night at much lower rates to heat storage tanks for hot water and house heat.)

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