English sunshine

This article by Lucy Siegle of The Guardian outlines how things look, sun wise, in the UK.   “Is this a good time to splash out on solar energy?  The panels are cheaper than ever and you can sell your surplus energy to the grid. No wonder, the future’s bright for solar power.”

The abbreviation KWp in the article refers to the peak solar panel output, i.e. kilo-watt peak.

April 2010 is the key date.  At that point UK residents producing surplus electricity will get a guaranteed rate, for a set number of years.  This sort of scheme is a basic requirement for broad based acceptance of residential solar PV.  The article also mentions the much larger number of installations in Germany.

There are some good leads from this page, and although the costs are in pounds, and the UK gets a lot less sun than most of the US, this is a good discussion to follow.

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